How To Watch Movies On A Plane | Explain (Guide)

 Are you dreading your upcoming long-haul flight? Does the thought of being stuck in a cramped seat for hours on end make you feel like you’ll go crazy? Don’t worry, you can make the most of your flight and get some entertainment in the process.

We’re here to share with you the best tips on how to watch movies on a plane, so you can be sure to have the time of your life! Not only will you be able to watch your favorite movies, but you’ll also be able to make your flight a truly enjoyable experience.

With our tips, you can be sure that the hours of your flight will be filled with laughter, adventure, and entertainment.

What is airplane media streaming and how does it work

 Airplane media streaming is a relatively new technology that allows people to stream video and audio content from their devices to an airplane seat’s screen. This technology was developed in response to the FAA’s ban on electronic devices during takeoff and landing, which made it difficult for people to access entertainment on their phones or tablets during flights.

Airplane media streaming works by connecting your device to the airplane’s Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can then access content on your device, which will be played on the plane’s screen. The audio and video quality will depend on the device and the airline’s entertainment system, but it’s generally quite good.

To use airplane media streaming, simply connect your device to the airplane’s Wi-Fi network and look for the “Media Streamer” option in the in-flight entertainment system. This will allow you to access movies and TV shows, music, and other content on your device.

How to watch movies and TV shows on airplane media streaming

 Watching movies and TV shows on an airplane is a great way to pass the time during a long flight. However, not all airlines offer media streaming services. Here’s how to find out which airlines do offer these services and how to use them.

Most airlines offer media streaming services through their in-flight entertainment systems. These systems typically include a wide selection of movies and TV shows that you can stream directly to your personal device. To watch a movie or TV show on an airplane, you’ll need an internet connection and a device compatible with the streaming service the airline offers.

Some airlines, such as JetBlue and Southwest, offer free media streaming services to passengers. These services allow you to stream movies and TV shows from your device to the airline’s in-flight entertainment system. Other airlines, such as Delta and United, charge a small fee for these services.

No matter which airline you fly with, you’ll need to download the airline’s app or browser extension to access the media streaming service. Once you’ve downloaded the app or extension, you’ll need to log in to your account and browse the movie and TV show selection. Once you’ve found something you want to watch, simply press the play button to start streaming.

It’s worth noting that not all movies and TV shows are available on every airline’s media streaming service. Airlines often offer a selection of recent releases and popular titles, but they may not carry every title you’re interested in. Additionally, some airlines have restrictions on which devices you can use to stream content. For example, some airlines only support streaming from laptops or tablets, while others don’t allow streaming from smartphones.

Watching movies on a plane can be a great way to pass the time during long flights. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Check In-Flight Entertainment: Many airlines offer in-flight entertainment systems with a selection of movies and TV shows. Check with your airline ahead of time to see if they provide screens on the back of seats or a central entertainment system.
  2. Personal Devices: Most airlines now allow you to use your personal electronic devices during the flight, typically once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers.
  3. Download Movies: If you plan to use your personal device, make sure to download movies or shows before the flight. This is crucial since streaming services might not be available during the flight due to limited or no internet connectivity.
  4. Bring Headphones: Noise-canceling headphones or good-quality earbuds are essential to enjoy your movie without being disturbed by the airplane noise or the people around you.
  5. Charging: Make sure your device is fully charged before the flight. Some airplanes have charging ports, but it’s a good idea to have a portable charger as a backup.
  6. Airplane Mode: If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, switch it to airplane mode once the flight attendants announce that electronic devices are allowed. This helps reduce interference with the aircraft’s systems.
  7. Bluetooth and Wireless: Be mindful of the aircraft’s rules regarding Bluetooth and wireless devices. In some cases, you might need to keep these features turned off throughout the flight.
  8. Seat and Comfort: Position your device so you can comfortably watch without straining your neck or arms. Use a tray table or a seatback pocket to hold your device.
  9. Respect Etiquette: Keep the volume at a reasonable level, especially if you’re not using headphones. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid disturbing fellow passengers.
  10. Airplane Mode During Takeoff and Landing: Remember to switch your device back to airplane mode during takeoff and landing, as instructed by the flight crew.
  11. Content Choices: Consider downloading a variety of movies or TV shows to suit your mood. Make sure to have a mix of genres to keep things interesting.
  12. Offline Streaming Services: Some streaming services allow you to download content for offline viewing. Check if your preferred streaming service offers this feature.
  13. Storage Space: Ensure your device has enough storage space to accommodate the downloaded content.
  14. Personal Entertainment: If you have a portable DVD player or other devices specifically for entertainment, make sure they’re fully charged and ready to use.

Remember that the availability of in-flight entertainment and the rules for using personal devices can vary by airline and aircraft. Always follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the flight attendants and the airline staff.

 FAQs about airplane media streaming answered by experts in the field

 Q: Can I stream movies on an airplane?

A: Yes, you can stream movies on an airplane. Most airlines now offer in-flight entertainment systems that allow you to access movies and TV shows through your devices. These systems use Wi-Fi, so you can stream content using your personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Q: What type of devices can I stream movies on?

A: Most in-flight entertainment systems support a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, as long as they have Wi-Fi capabilities. Some airlines may require you to download their app to access their content.

Q: Can I access my own content?

A: Yes, you can access your own content if you have downloaded it on your device before your flight. However, keep in mind that some airlines may have restrictions on the types of files that can be streamed or downloaded.

Q: What types of content can I stream?

A: Most in-flight entertainment systems offer a wide variety of movies and TV shows, as well as music and other audio content. Some airlines also offer games and e-books.

Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations?

A: Yes, there are restrictions and limitations. Airlines may limit the amount of time you can spend streaming or downloading content, or they may have restrictions on the types of files that you can access. They may also charge additional fees for streaming services


 Watching movies on a plane is a great way to pass the time and make the flight more enjoyable. By following these tips, you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies with ease. Remember to take advantage of airplane media streaming options, as they offer flexibility and convenience.

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